DevOps Engineer

Ahmedabad   |  Job Code : AHRS613

Job Description

Candidate should have well hands on experience of -

  • AWS, Terraform, Docker, Kuberenetes, CICD, Scripting
  • In depth knowledge of Cicd and deployment workflow
  • Serverless
  • Good understanding of microservice based architecture
  • Cloud technologies: question like have you managed production workload in Any cloud like AWS(amazon), AZURE(microsoft), GCP(google).
  • CI/CD(conrinous integration and countinous deployment) tools or automation pipeline: complex cicd pipelines using Github actions, Gitlab, Circleci, Jenkins
  • IAC(infrastructure as code): Terraform, Ansible used for multiple environment management and deployments
  • Scripting language: Shell, bash, python
  • Containerization/Containerization orchestration tools: Docker, Kubernetes, aws ecs
  • Application architecture: managed or created or understanding of Server-based, serverless, microservice, containerized
  • Database: managed any database like postgres, mysql
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