Sr. Unity Game Developer

Ahmedabad   |  Job Code : AHRS839

Job Description

  • Development in Unity3d Software, with C#.Net for Mono.
  • Development and Deployment for IOS, Android OS, Windows Phone OS and WebGL.
  • Basic knowledge and working of/with XCode , Android Debugger and Visual Studio 2012
  • Developing Consumer Application, Games or SIMs that can be either available in Market Place or as any documentation provided
  • Working with given AIS library with any incremental updates possible
  • Working with 3rd party Plug-in for Unity to integrate recently updated Admob, Facebook Sdk, Notifications (Local/Push), RevMob or any other APIs that are required.
  • To convert games in any given platform according to the needs of company and client. For Mobile & Desktop.
  • Work on bug fixing, optimization and improving application's and game's performance.
  • Creating Device/Platform Independent Game /Application User Interacting Mechanics.
  • Developing Device/Platform Specific Game/Application Core Mechanics (in case of native only)
  • Programming with C#.Net, basic concepts of Physics, Vector Maths, 3D/2D Views, AI algorithms.
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