Technical Analyst-Web

Ahmedabad   |  Job Code : AHRS775

Job Description

  • Requirement gathering by asking questions to the customer and getting to the main objective behind the query.
  • Analyze and understand and when necessary document the requirement 
  • Design or develop PoC as per the business requirements / Customer development team requirements
  • Completing the implementation of the task as per the schedule 
  • Should make extensive use of analytics data to generate insights and recommendations
  • Work with client technical team to fix the tracking issues
Team Responsibilities:
  • Participate in the recruitment process based on your seniority. This includes interviews, creating test as required based on the need to recruit people who are compatible with our culture and skilled to accomplish the job.
  • Share and coach colleagues in making the team more effective.
  • Share and Create content for training and publishing. These includes blogs and webinars.
  • Identify potential team members who are worthy of band change and prepare them with required guidance
  • Identify the repetitive tasks and manage to delegate to other team members or automate the process to reduce TAT & improve the productivity
Platform-wise skills:
  • TA -Web - Basic Javascript, Advanced Javascript or Javascript Frameworks like Angular, React etc
  • GA and GTM (Mandatory)
Technical Responsibilities:
  • Understanding the Event Schemas and Scripting
  • Designing solutions using GTM configurations for various environments
  • Creating database schemas as per business requirements
  • Create technical specifications and test plans
  • Development within any frameworks/platforms as used by the customers websites platform for implementing tracking components.
  • Understand and implement the various scripts and code which can work with different Analytics Tools
  • Understand the connection of GCP with GA 360 and its working
  • Integrate existing software products and getting various platforms to work together
  • Configure alerts on top of tracking to monitor & correct the same
  • Building reusable, optimized, scalable, secure code and libraries for future use
  • Initiate new research tasks which enable the analyst at Tatvic or Client to leverage to improve the business KPIs
Employee Benefits
  • Offering Medical Claim 2.5 Lakhs
  • Great Learning Opportunities
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