DevOps Engineer

Ahmedabad   |  Job Code : AHRS720

Job Description

Job Description:
• Develop and Maintain scalable architecture solutions using Cloud Providers such as AWS, Azure or GCP
• Drive Automation efforts across the organization utilizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Configuration Management, and Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) tools such as Jenkins.
• Configuration, Management, and Maintenance of Linux systems
• Experience with version control systems (Git, Github, SVN, BitBucket, GitLab), including branching and merging strategies
• Experience with technologies like docker, Vagrant, Virtualization etc.
• Experience with orchestration tooling such as Kubernetes and Docker Swarm
• Experience with software build tools (ANT, Maven, Gradle, NPM, Rake, Make etc.) and continuous integration tools (Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI etc.)
• Experience with Linux environments and scripting languages (any one of the following will do Python, Ruby, Bash, Go, Groovy)
• Experience with Networking Concepts (TCP, UDP, HTTP, DNS, Load Balancing, Reverse Proxy etc.) • In-depth understanding of micro-service design patterns
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